How To Get Foxxd P8 Free Government Tablet

If you are a low-income person and need a free tablet along with free internet service, then surely you can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The government realizes that every citizen like you, in our country must get the opportunity to use internet service to keep pace with the advancing world. So, the government takes initiatives to make the internet available and affordable to all. One of these initiatives is the ACP. Under this program, the government provides a free tablet, like Foxxd P8 tablet along with some other benefits to low-income people in our country.

Steps to Get Foxxd P8 Free Government Tablet

Steps for Those Who Have Already Been Enrolled in The ACP

If you have already been enrolled in the ACP then you have to be just approved by your preferred provider to get your desired tablet. Follow these steps to get a free government Foxxd p8 tablet from your preferred provider.

  1. Go to your preferred provider’s website to see if they have any option in their site to allow their clients to apply online for a free tablet. If they do not have an option, then go to their office directly and contact customer care to get an application form.
  2. After getting the form, carefully read all the details and ask their customer care agent if you have any query or if you cannot understand anything.
  3. Now make a list of which documents are needed. Gather all the documents.
  4. Fill out the form carefully. Don’t make any mistakes. Double check the form.
  5. Attach necessary documents (If needed any). Submit the application. After the submission of your application, you will be notified within two days if your application is approved. After approval, you will receive your tablet within 7 to 10 business days.

Steps for Those Who Have Not Been Enrolled for The ACP Yet

If you have not been enrolled for the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) benefits yet, and you want to get a free tablet from the ACP program then you must be enrolled in the ACP first, then you can apply for free government Foxxd p8 tablet. You have to follow these steps:

  1. To apply for the ACP, the first thing you have to do is to confirm that you are eligible for the program. If you can meet all the eligibility criteria for their program, then apply with confidence.
  2. As you are eligible, the second thing to consider is to collect proof documents to prove that you are really eligible. You have to submit copies of these documents (Never submit the original Copies).
  3. After being ready, submit your application with all required documents.
  4. Wait for some days to have your application been approved by the program administrators.
  5. If your application is approved, then select your preferred service provider and get a tablet with other ACP benefits from that provider.

Now follow the steps I have previously described in the section Steps for Those Who Have Already Been Enrolled in The ACP to get a free government Foxxd P8 tablet.

Top Providers That Offer Foxxd P8 Free Government Tablet

Numerous providers offer Free Foxxd Tablet from The Affordable Connectivity Program. After approval by the ACP program, you have to choose a provider and apply for a free Foxxd P8 government tablet from that provider. You can choose a provider, this provider also provide free phone under ACP from the list below:

  • Cintex Wireless.
  • AirTalk Wireless.
  • Easy Wireless.
  • NewPhone Wireless.
  • Q Link Wireless.
  • Stand Up Wireless

Requirements for ACP to Get Foxxd P8 Government Free Tablet

If you are not an ACP holder, then you must have queried for the Affordable Connectivity Program, its required eligibility, documents, application process etc. Here, I will describe everything about the ACP in short for you.

Eligibility for ACP Program to Get Foxxd P8 Government Free Tablet

If you want to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program, the first thing you should consider is your eligibility for the program. Your eligibility for the ACP is determined by two types of criteria. These are:

  • Income based criteria: If your or your household’s gross annual income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline, then you or your household will be considered as eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you are unable to meet this income based criteria, then try for the participation based criteria.
  • Participation based criteria: Participation based criteria is determined by an individual or household member’s participation in certain Government assistance programs, such as: Supplemental nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP), Supplemental Security Income(SSI), Medicaid, Free and reduced price school Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program, Federal Public Housing Assistance(FPHA), Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits, The special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children(WIC)

Required Documents for ACP to Get Foxxd P8 Free Tablet

If you meet the eligibility criteria for the ACP Program to get a free Foxxd P8 government tablet, then you have to submit documents as proof of your eligibility for the program.

  • Income based Eligibility Proof Documents: Prior year’s federal, state or Tribal tax return, paycheck stub from current employer, divorce decrees, Child support awards, Statement of benefits from unemployment/ Workers’ Compensation, Veterans Administration Statement of benefits, or any other document indicating income information.
  • Participation based Eligibility Proof Documents: Statement of benefits, Benefit award letter, Approval letter, Benefit verification letter,
  • Tribal Land Resident: A Tribal land resident may qualify through Tribal land programs such as Tribal Head Start, Tribal TANF, The Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, and Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

Application Process to Get Foxxd P8 Government Free Tablet

You can apply for the affordable connectivity program online, via mail, or via a provider.

  • Online: Go to the official website of USAC at: “ You can get all information about how to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program online from that website.
  • Via mail: From the USAC’s official website: “” you can print an application form and a household worksheet. Fill up the form and the household worksheet. Then make copies of all of your required documents. Send the application paper with the household worksheet and attached documents’ copies (Do not send original copies) to the following address via mail: ACP Support Center, PO Box 9100, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773.
  • Via a Provider: You can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) via a provider also. Choose a provider. Log in to their website and navigate to their ACP application page and apply for Foxxd P8 free government tablet.

Process to Check Foxxd P8 Free Tablet Application Status

After applying for the Foxxd P8 free government tablet from your preferred provider, you can check your application status online or by contacting their customer care. If you want to check online, then log in to their website and check if they have any dedicated page on their website to check the application status online. Or if they have a page, then just follow the instructions. If they don’t have the online service, then contact their customer care to know the status.

Foxxd P8 Free Government Tablet Review

  • Foxxd p8 free government tablet has an 8 inch HD display
  • Runs on Android 12 operating system
  • The device is powered by 2 GHz Quad core processor paired with 3 GB RAM
  • The tablet has 32 GB built in storage and it is expandable to 128 GB
  • The main (rear) camera is 5 MP and the front(Selfie) camera is 8 MP
  • It has a 4000mAh battery, Type C charger.

Causes for the Rejection of the Application for the Free Foxxd P8 Government Tablet

Your application for Foxxd P8 free government tablet can be rejected for many reasons. Here are given some causes with solutions:

  • Incomplete or inaccurate information: If your application is incomplete and has incorrect information, then it can be rejected.
    • Solution: Double check the application before submitting it. Ensure that all the fields are properly filled with correct information.
  • Ineligibility: Affordable connectivity program has some specific criteria that an applicant must meet. These may include income based criteria, residency status, age limitations, or participation in certain Government assistance programs. If you fail to meet these criteria, then your application may be rejected.
    • Solution: Try to know everything about the eligibility criteria of the program. If you are not eligible for any reason, then try your best to fix the issue and make yourself eligible.
  • Insufficient documentation: The Affordable Connectivity Program requires some documents such as proof of participation in the government assistance program, income proof documents, proof of identity documents, etc. Failure to submit these documents or submitting incomplete documents can lead to rejection.
    • Solution: Collect all the documents that are required for the program. Submit additional documents if asked for. Submission of all required documents will increase your chances of the approval of the application.
  • Limited availability: The program may have limited funding or availability of tablets. Then the authority cannot provide all applicants with tablets. So when their stock will be finished they may reject the upcoming applications.
    • Solution: This problem does not have an instant solution. You have to wait till the fund is available again.
  • Technical issues: If you have any technical problems when you apply for the program and for that your application is not submitted properly, then your application may be rejected.
    • Solution: Check that your pc and the internet connection is fully ok when applying for the program. If there is any issue, then solve it first, then apply.
  • Incorrect or invalid contact information: If the contact details provided in your application are incorrect, or invalid, then the administrators cannot contact you and are unable to reach you for further information or to notify you of the status of your application. This can result in rejection.
    • Solution: Double check and make sure that your contact details are correct. If you change your contact details or any part of it, then try to instantly update it and inform the authority about it.
  • Failure to meet application deadlines: Like many other government programs, the Affordable Connectivity Program also has a last date or deadline to submit the application. If you fail to apply for the program within this deadline, then your application will be rejected. 
    • Solution: Keep a note about the deadline of the application. Must submit the application before that date. The best choice for you is to apply as early as possible.
  • Duplicate or multiple applications: The Affordable Connectivity Program has some restrictions. One cannot submit multiple applications from the same household. If you submit multiple applications or apply under different identities for the affordable Connectivity Program, then all your applications will be rejected.
    • Solution: Always abide by all the rules of the program. Never submit multiple applications. Keep faith in mind. Always believe that if you are eligible then your application will be approved and you will get all ACP benefits, along with a free Foxxd p8 tablet from the government.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Foxxd P8 Free Government Tablet

The Affordable Connectivity Program is mainly established to bridge the digital divide and provide internet access to all. There are lots of benefits of this program that we consume every day. Here is given some of them:

  • We can use the Foxxd P8 free government tablet to connect to the internet and get benefits from online. We can learn anything from vast resources, do research on any topic and also communicate with people.
  • The Foxxd P8 tablet strengthens social connection. We can join our friends, family and good wishers through email, video calls and messaging apps.
  • A tablet, like Foxxd P8 can increase the opportunities for online jobs, and remote work possibilities, which can broaden employment opportunities.
  • With a free Foxxd P8 government tablet you can access health care facilities, such as online health resources, telehealth services, and health related apps.
  • Foxxd P8 tablets give us the opportunities to entertain ourselves. We can stream movies, TV shows, music, etc., and read e-books and play games to entertain ourselves.
  • The Foxxd P8 free tablets help us to access government services. Now we can participate in government events, apply for government benefits, pay taxes, and also access government information.
  • In times of emergencies, the Foxxd P8 plays a vital role. It can serve as a communication tool. We can access emergency alerts, contact rescuers, and seek for any help when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive notification after applying for Foxxd P8 free tablet under government?

It takes at least two days to receive notification after applying for Foxxd P8 free tablet under government.

Are there any additional costs associated with Foxxd p8 free government tablet?

You have to copay $10.01 for your Foxxd p8 government tablet. That is all. You don’t need to pay any additional cost for the tablet.

What happens if my Foxxd p8 free government tablet gets damaged or stolen?

If your Foxxd P8 free government tablet gets damaged or stolen, then immediately inform the authority. They will suspend your account and deactivate the SIM, so that the thief that stole your Foxx p8 tablet cannot use it.