How To Activate Tracfone Without Airtime Card

How To Activate Tracfone Without Airtime Card

Have you just moved to TracFone’s network or purchased any of its devices? Consider activating your device so that you can enjoy Tracfone services. Once you get started on this carrier’s network, you will be able to enjoy a good network coverage across the country. Besides this, you will enjoy affordable cell phone plans that are contract-free. Thankfully, the process of activating your TracFone device and SIM card is not difficult. In fact, it is possible for you to activate TracFone even when you do not have an airtime card. To learn more about this and other related ideas, read on and you will be good to go.

Follow The Steps To Activate Tracfone SIM & Phones Without Add Airtime Card

Well, TracFone device activation and SIM card activation takes place at the same time. If you were able to activate your TracFone device, chances are that you also managed to activate your SIM card as well. This is the reason why you need to have the SIM card activation kit with you during the activation process.

In case you do not have one, you can either choose to purchase it from TracFone in-store or online. Thereafter, you will be able to key in the SIM card’s number whenever you are prompted, thereby activating your TracFone device and SIM card without adding airtime.

In the introduction, we stated that the process of activating Tracfone without airtime card is generally easy and straightforward. Here are a number of ways that can help you activate your Tracfone without airtime card.

Option 1: Activation Process For A new Tracfone number

To start with, visit TracFone’s activation page and then tap on the ‘Active’ option. Look out for the ‘Activate my TracFone with a new number’ option. Click it and then key in your phone’s serial number or SIM card in case you purchased one from this service provider.

Besides the SIM card number or phone’s serial number, you might be prompted to key in your ZIP code. Key it in and then head straight to register your new Tracfone account. When registering your Tracfone account, you might be asked to submit vital details such as your phone’s serial number.

Also, you will have the opportunity to select your preferred phone number from a numbers list on your screen. Since you want to activate TracFone Wireless without airtime card, you will have to skip the ‘Add airtime’ step and complete the set up process. Once you complete the activation process, you will be free to utilize your TracFone device.

Option 2: Activation Process When You Upgrade Tracfone Device And Want To Transfer Service From Your Existing Device

If you have just upgraded to a better device, you might want to still want to retain your Tracfone phone number so that your contact details remain intact. In this case, you are free to transfer & activate your service from your existing TracFone device and start enjoying it on the newly acquired Tracfone device. Here are the steps that you should follow for acticate your new Tracfone device without adding airtime card:

  • Visit “” and then choose the ‘Transferring the number’ option.
  • You might be prompted to key in the serial number of your new phone and then the old number that you intend to transfer.
  • Thereafter, key in the serial number of the old device and then set up your new mobile phone.
  • Skip the Tracfone ‘Add airtime’ step
  • Within a few minutes, the transfer process will be over and you will be able to use your old phone number on the newly acquired TracFone device without add airtime card.

Option 3: Activation Process When You Transfer Your Phone Number From Another Carrier To Tracfone

Due to the benefits that this carrier offers to its customers, you can choose to leave your current service provider and join TracFone’s network. Luckily, you can now migrate to Tracfone and still keep your old phone number. Even if it is not associated with TracFone, you have no reason to get worried. As you purpose to transfer & activate your phone number from another carrier to TracFone, ensure that you have the following details at hand:

  • TracFone serial number or SIM card number
  • Your contact details
  • Information about your current service provider
  • Your account number, PIN or password
  • Your old device number

With these details at hand, you can now go ahead and transfer and activate your number from the existing carrier to TracFone Wireless. The following are the steps that you should follow to activate Tracfone without add airtime:

  • Visit “” and then sign in with your account details.
  • Select  the ‘Activate phone’ option
  • Choose ‘Transfer Number’ option
  • Click on the ‘Activate my TracFone with a number from another service provider’
  • Key in all the necessary details and Skip the Tracfone ‘Add airtime’ step.
  • Then complete the transfer process.

As far as the above-mentioned Tracfone transfer & activate process is concerned, it is imperative to note that it can take up to 14 days or thereabout. Therefore, you will need to be patient for it to complete.

Option 4: Online Activation Process For TracFone Without Add Airtime Card

The following are the steps that can help you activate Tracfone online without airtime:

  • Visit “” and then tap on the ‘Activate’ option.
  • After clicking the ‘Activate’ option located at the top menu bar, you will see 3 main options. These include; ‘I have a TracFone phone’, ‘I’m bringing my own phone’ and ‘I have other device’ option. Choose either of these options and then tap on the ‘Continue’ button under your preferred option.
  • Key in your device’s serial number, MEID or IMEI number.
  • Confirm that the IMEI number is right and then tap on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Skip the ‘Get plan’ option and then follow the other prompts that you will see on your screen.
  • Complete the activation process and your TracFone device will be activated successfully.

Option 5: Activate Your Tracfone Device by Contacting Customer Support Team

Besides the online method, you can now activate your TracFone device by calling the customer support team. To reach Tracfone customer support team, dial 1-800-867-7183 and then inform them you want activate your SIM without add airtime card. So they will complete the activation process.

For optimal results ensure that you have vital details such as your name in full, your TracFone’s serial number or SIM card number and so on. Besides this, ensure that your device is well charged so that its charge does not get depleted in the middle of the activation process.

Option 6: Tracfone Activation Process For Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) User Without Add Airtime Card

Like we stated above, Tracfone allows you to bring your own device and get started on its network. To activate your BYOP device without add airtime card, here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Visit “”
  • Tap on the ‘Activate’ option
  • Since you want to activate a BYOP device, choose the ‘I’m bringing my own smartphone’ option and then click on the ‘Continue’ button below it.
  • Ensure that you accept the terms and conditions of this carrier and then click on ‘Yes’ so as to proceed.
  • In case you already have a SIM card activation kit, key in the SIM card number and then tap on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Follow all the instructions that you will see on your screen and you will be good to go. Just remember Skip the Tracfone ‘Add airtime’ step.

Here I Mention Few Considerations Before You Activate Tracfone Without Airtime Card

Before you initiate the activation process, there are a number of critical factors that you must consider so to ensure that Tracfone is the best choice for you. Some of the considerations that you ought to make include:

  • Ensure that your locality enjoys the coverage of Tracfone network. If your area is enjoys TracFone’s network, be certain that you will be able to be connected with those whom you love, learn online, work online, access emergency healthcare services, and so forth.
  • In case you want  a new phone from Tracfone, check the different phone on Tracfone site and determine if you can find your desired phone or not. The good news is that this carrier sells a wide array of phone models that will suit your needs.
  • If you want to bring your device with Tracfone, ensure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with TracFone Wireless. To establish whether your device is compatible with TracFone or not, consider visiting “” and then tap on the ‘Buy SIM cards / Keep Your Own Phone’ option that you will see on your screen. Thereafter, navigate downwards and click on the ‘Check Compatibility’ button. Follow the on-screen prompts that you will see on the next page and you will be all set.
  • Consider obtaining a TracFone SIM card activation kit. Thankfully, you can get the SIM card activation kit after buying a TracFone device or bringing your own device. Better still, you can choose to purchase it online or from a brick and mortar TracFone store near you.