Check Assurance Wireless Application Status

The Government arrange some programmes to help people. These programs are formally known as Federal Lifeline Program or Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). To help people with these programs, Assurance wireless takes necessary steps to provide some free facilities under the ACP and Lifeline Program.

So to successfully complete your Assurance wireless ACP and/or Lifeline application process and approval, you need to know your submitted application’s status. Here i guide you the steps to check your Assurance wireless ACP or Lifeline Program application status.

Steps to Check Assurance Wireless Application Status

If you apply through Assurance Wireless and still don’t know the absolute status of your application. Then here is the processes to know your Assurance ACP or Lifeline Program application status:

  1. You can check the application status at Assurance Wireless website. The process is simple. You may just open this Assurance Wireless official page ““, then type your service zip code and click submit. Then type other required information to see the details of your Assurance wireless application status.
  2. You can call Assurance Wireless at: 1-888-321-5880 and inquire about the application status. The call is automated and you are required to enter the 6 digit PIN that you have created during the application.

After check your Assurance Wireless application status. Would you like to know the cause behind checking ? Here they are:

  • If Assurance Wireless ACP or lifeline program rejects your request, then by knowing this you have to prepare yourself with required documents for the next application. And you also need to contact Assurance Wireless customer care service to know the cause of rejection.
  • If you completed your Assurance Wireless application form and submit, but for some reasons your request is delayed, then you may not get the phone in your hand in time. So you may contact to Assurance Wireless customer care for any assistance.
  • If your Assurance Wireless application is received and approved, then you may need to know the status when you will get the phone.
  • You need to know whether Assurance Wireless application is approved and/or your phone has been shipped.

If your Assurance Wireless application is rejected and you are confused about your Qualification for lifeline and ACP, or you are new to apply and need to know the criteria for apply to lifeline or ACP, Then feel free to read next part .

Reasons of Your Assurance Wireless Application Rejection

As Assurance Wireless is for a lifeline or ACP program, if you apply through it, but your documents and other qualification cannot meet the criteria for Lifeline or ACP program or your submitted documents have any wrong information or lack of information, then your Assurance Wireless application may be rejected by the ACP or Lifeline authority.

If your Assurance Wireless application is rejected , then you should try to find out the causes for rejection. You should recheck all your documents to see if any required information is missing or wrong. if any fault is found then you should correct it and reapply for the program.

Eligibility Requirements to Take Advantage of Assurance Wireless

Assurance wireless is the largest and most preferred network operator by ACP and Lifeline. Assurance wireless tries to make mobile communication easy , flexible and affordable for low income families. One can apply through Assurance wireless to get the benefits of ACP and Lifeline programs. The program is available for only one person per household.

If you are receiving any of the following Federal Program benefits, then surely you qualify for the ACP Program:

  • Medicaid
  • SNAP Program
  • Lifeline Program
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • School Breakfast Program
  • Veteran and Survivors Pension Benifit
  • Supplement Security Income
  • Received benefits underSpecial Supplement Nutrition Program For Woman, 

Resubmission of the Assurance Wireless application form is very simple. First, you need to apply for inclusion under the ACP or Lifeline Program and then submit the application Assurance Wireless official website.

Most important things to note: After Rejection, if you resubmit all the documents, and your application is denied , then contact the Assurance Wireless customer care service and file a complaint. Keep track of any development using Assurance Wireless application status tool if you reapplied..

What if You Cannot Qualify at All

If you cannot qualify for Assurance Wireless ACP or Lifeline program at all, you should not be upset. Assurance offers a low-cost bundled plan for its customers at only $30. You can also purchase unlimited talk, text and web and unlimited monthly data.

When you apply for ACP or Lifeline program through Assurance Wireless, it would be a bindings for Assurance Wireless to make you know about the status of your application. You may know the application status easily by contacting Assurance Wireless. 

Why You May Choose Assurance Wireless

Assurance wireless gives you some advantages and services. they are just as follows:

  • Free unlimited minutes
  • Free unlimited Text.
  • Free unlimited data.
  • Free 10 GB mobile hotspot data
  • A discount on broadband service.

Some other benefits Assurance gives:

  • Assurance Wireless customers do not receive a monthly bill.
  • They are not required to sign a contract to get the lifeline service.
  • They do not pay any fees to use the service.

Here it should be mentioned that Assurance Wireless sells Mobile Phones, Mobile data Plan, Prepaid Cell phone talk and text plans etc also.