TruConnect Lifeline Application Status

How To Check TruConnect Lifeline Application Status

TruConnect is an MVNO and a lifeline service provider. They focus on making communication easy, affordable, and accessible to low-income families. As there is a tough competition to get the benefit of the lifeline program , it is very important to check the application status to take a quick decision about any matter related to the program. It is also true for TruConnect.

If you are a low-income person and plan to apply to TruConnect to get Lifeline benefits, then I think you come to the right place and this article is for you. In this article I try to cover everything that you need to know about application status of your TruConnect Lifeline application, so that you may get a clear view of the process and check the application status yourself.

Ways To Check TruConnect Lifeline Application Status

There are processes to know your TruConnect Lifeline Application status.

  1. You can contact them by the Contact Form on their website and leave a message to know the application status.
  2. You can call at: 1-800-430-0443 and speak to a TruConnect customer service representative to know the status of your Lifeline application.

Let’s Know About The Terms Of The Application Statuses And Their Meanings.

  1. Completion: The status completion means your TruConnect application is already verified and it is ready to send for further verification by the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD).
  2. Rejection: Rejection of the Application means disapproval of your TruConnect application. Your application may be rejected for many reasons. Some common reasons are:lack of proof, missing one or more documents, unclear and blurry pictures, etc.
  3. Approved: The status approved means your TruConnect Lifeline application is approved. Now you are able to consume lifeline benefits from TruConnect.
  4. Phone Shipping: The status Phone shipping means your order is in processing stage and you will receive your lifeline benefits very soon ( within 7-10 business days).

Why It’s Important To Check Your TruConnect Application Status

You should check your TruConnect Lifeline application status for the following reasons:

  1. You need to check the application status to know the exact condition of your application at a certain time to decide what to do next.
  2. To know the approval or rejection of the application asap. If the application is rejected, then you have to correct the issue and reapply as soon as possible.
  3. After submitting the TruConnect application, it could have been delayed. If you do not get your phone in time, then it is required to check the status of your application to decide what to do next.
  4. If your TruConnect Lifeline application is approved, then you should check the status to know the approximate date to get the phone in hand.
  5. Say, your TruConnect Lifeline application is approved and your free phone may be shipped. To know if the phone is shipped or not , you need to know the status of the application.

Reasons For The Rejection Of Your TruConnect Lifeline Application And Their Solutions.

TruConnect is a lifeline provider. You can apply through TruConnect .There are many reasons for the rejection of your application. Here are some issues for which TruConnect Lifeline application can be rejected. The reasons’ solutions are also mentioned.

  • If you cannot fulfill the criteria of Lifeline program.If your documents are not adequate to meet the criteria.
    • Solution: Try to collect all required documents and submit.
  • If you submit all documents , but these documents lack information or provide wrong information, then the application can be rejected.
    • Solution: Check if any information is missing. Also check that you do not provide any wrong information.
  • If your submitted documents are blurry and unreadable, then your application can be rejected.
    • Solution: Submit clear and easily readable documents.
  • If more than one person apply for the lifeline program from your household.
    • Solution:Remember to submit the application from your household only.
  • If you try to get Lifeline benefits from more than one provider.Say, from another provider rather than TruConnect.
    • Solution: Be honest. Take benefits from TruConnect only.

Eligibility Requirements To Take Advantage Of TrueConnect LifeLine Program

As TruConnect is a Lifeline service provider, you must fulfill eligibility criteria of the lifeline program to apply for TruConnect Lifeline benefits. Let’s know briefly about the eligibility for lifeline program.

To participate in the lifeline program you must either have an income that is equal or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guideline, or participate in certain Government Assistance Program, such as the supplemental nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Supplemental Security Income , The Veterans and survivors Pension benefit, or certain Tribal programs.

Benefits Of TruConnect LifeLine Program

With TruConnect Lifeline Program, you can get for free:

  • A new LifeLine free phone
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Up to 14 GB monthly Data
  • Free International calling

It is essential to know the application status if you reapply for the program.Tracking the status may take you to your destination, in other words , you become a lifeline consumer.