TruConnect Lifeline Application Status

TruConnect is an MVNO and is a prepaid and lifeline wireless service. They focuses on making communication affordable, flexible and accessible to low-income families. You can apply through TruConnect lifeline program to get the benefits. The program is available to only one person per household.

A lot of people live under poverty level. Many of them could not even afford a mobile phone or internet facility. They all are trying to get lifeline program’s help. But a few can get it. So, it is very important for someone, who applied through TruConnect, to know the absolute condition or status of his/ her Lifeline application, so that you can take next step or decision about the program.

4 Ways To Check TruConnect Lifeline Program Application Status

 There are processes to know someone’s TruConnect Lifeline Application status.

  1. You can call at: 1-800-430-0443 and speak to a TruConnect customer service representative about the status of your Lifeline application.
  2. You may e-mail at: Customercare @ to know the status of your Lifeline application.
  3. You may open on to TruConnect website and click on the ”Check Application Status” to check the Lifeline application status. So visit TruConnect official website check status page ““, enter your zip code and email address.
  4. When your TruConnect lifeline application is ready for approved, the company send an confirmation e-mail to you.

Thus the consumer may be informed of your application status.

Reasons for TruConnect Lifeline Application Rejection

TruConnect is a lifeline program. If anyone apply through it, but cannot meet the criteria of lifeline program or your submitted documents contain any wrong information or lack of information, then your application may be rejected. Here are mentioned some issues for which TruConnect Lifeline application can be rejected.

The first issue may be applicant’s Identity Verification Error , or the issue may be applicant’s address verification error, it can be a issue of under aged (Under 18) applicant, it can be a issue of program eligibility error or a issue of deceased Subscriber.

If your TruConnect Lifeline Application is rejected, you should recheck your submitted documents to ensure if any of the required information was missed or wrong. You should submit again the documents needed to do the necessary correction by the Lifeline authority.

Eligibility Requirements To Take Advantage of TrueConnect LifeLine Program

As TruConnect is a Lifeline Wireless service, you must qualify for the lifeline program before applying through TruConnect. So, let’s know briefly about the eligibility for lifeline program.

To participate in the lifeline program a person must either have an income that is equal or below 135% of the federal poverty guideline. If this criteria is not fulfilled, then you must participate in certain federal assistance program, such as the supplemental nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Supplemental Security Income , The Veterans and survivors Pension benefit, or certain Tribal programs.

Benefits of TruConnect LifeLine Program

With TruConnect Lifeline Application Program, if eligible, you can get for free:

  • A new LifeLine free phone
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Upto 14 GB monthly Data
  • Free International calling

TruConnect offers all the above benefits for you absolutely free!

Here it should also be mentioned that TruConnect sells mobile hotspot, SmartPhones, 3G\ 4G\ LTE Mobile Data Plan, Prepaid Cellphone Talk and Text  Plan, etc on T-Mobile network.

Finally : If you apply again TruConnect lifeline program, it is essential for you to know application status. Tracking the status may take you to your destination, in other words you becomes a lifeline consumer.