What Network Does Qlink Wireless Use

What Network Does Qlink Wireless Use

Qlink Wireless is an Mobile virtual Network Operator(MVNO) that uses T-Mobile’s network. T-Mobile is the largest and best 5G network provider and 3rd largest 4G LTE network provider in the country. You can switch to Qlink and bring your own device to use the latest 4G LTE and 5G network ( If your phone supports). And in QLink you do not need to make any contracts, or there are no credit checks, fees, surcharges, or monthly bills. So, it is a wise decision to use Qlink’s network as it is the most affordable and reliable MVNO in the country.

QLink Wireless Network Coverage Area

QLink Wireless has a huge and wide spreading coverage in the US. It serves over 97% of the United States and reaches over 280 million people. They cover most of the states, including Louisiana, Georgia, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Nevada, Kentucky, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. But they are not available everywhere in the US.

Network coverage depends on several factors, such as the area, weather, signal strength, traffic volumes, technical limitation, service outages, and many more.

Qlink provides 4G LTE and 5G network coverage to their clients. As Qlink uses T-Mobile’s network and T-Mobile covers 99% population, Qlink Wireless also has access to a vast population in the US. You can check this link: “qlinkwireless.com/coverage” to check all coverage areas of Qlink 4G LTE/ 5G network and specially if you want to check specific areas, please enter the details address in the required box.

If you want to compare T-Mobile’s coverage of 4G and 5G with AT&T and Verizon, you will find:

  • 5G coverage comparison:
    • T-Mobile: 36.7% 5G coverage (covers 80% of the population)
    • AT&T: 15.9% 5G coverage
    • Verizon: 10.9% 5G coverage
  • 4G coverage comparison:
    • Verizon: 70% 4G coverage
    • AT&T: 68% 4G coverage
    • T-Mobile: 62% 4G coverage (covers 99% of the population)

Qlink Wireless Network Compatible Phones

There are some Phone models that you may use with Qlink wireless’s network. They are compatible with T-Mobile and Qlink Wireless network.

  • Motorola Moto G6 PLAY 
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 
  • ZTE Quest 5 
  • LG Stylo 5 
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e 
  • Samsung Galaxy A20 
  • Alcatel OneTouch Elevate 
  • Samsung Galaxy A6 
  • LG Stylo 4 
  • Motorola Moto E4 
  • Samsung Galaxy A50 
  • Apple iPhone 5c 
  • Samsung Galaxy S9

How To Enroll In Qlink Wireless

If you are an adult American citizen and a low income person and cannot meet your requirements for a free connected device or free phone and internet service, you may try the Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you are approved by these government programs, then apply for enrolling in Qlink Wireless service to get the benefits of Lifeline and the ACP Program.

Bring Your Own Phone Facility

You can bring your own phone and use QLink’s services such as 5G latest or 4G LTE network and get the ultimate benefit of your phones and wireless services. (The Phone must be compatible with Qlink Wireless and supports 4G or 5G network). Bring your own phone program is the best one if you want to save money when you switch. You do not need to purchase an expensive phone if your own existing phone works fine.

Why Do You Choose QLink Wireless Network 

In the US, T-Mobile is in the first position to provide 5G network. It covers 36.7% of the territory and 80% of the population with 5G network. It also covers 62% of the territory and 99% of the population with 4G network. In this respect , it is in the 3rd position in the US. As Qlink Wireless uses the network of T-Mobile , we can obviously say that Qlink’s network is reliable. Moreover, T-Mobile and Sprint merged to form new T-Mobile , and as Sprint uses CDMA network and T- Mobile uses GSM network, the newly formed T-Mobile Supports both CDMA, GSM network and also the latest LTE network. So, we can say that T-Mobile’s or in other words Qlink’s network is reliable and trustworthy.

What Are The Benefits Of The Cellular Network(T-Mobile) That Qlink Wireless Uses?

Qlink Wireless uses T-Mobile’s network to offer network coverage to its clients. T-Mobile has some benefits for their users. These are:

  • Fast Internet Speed: T-Mobile offers high-end Internet connectivity in all the areas it covers. If you use a 5G Phone on their network, you may get excellent connectivity. 4G is also reliable and works well.
  • Nationwide Coverage: T-Mobile has nationwide coverage, so Qlink Wireless also gives this benefit to its clients. This ensures that you may get better coverage and signal in all places if you move around the country.
  • Dedicated Technical Support: T-Mobile gives dedicated service to their clients. They have the best network coverage in the country and give best technical support to ensure that their network is always on. So as a network sharer of T-Mobile, Qlink Wireless also gives its clients the best service.
  • Wide Range Of Phone Compatibility: Since T-Mobile uses GSM network, sprint’s CDMA network, and also latest LTE network, there is a wide range of phone compatibility on their network. So, if you bring your own device, there is a high probability that your phone is compatible with T-Mobile or Qlink Wireless.