How To Get A Cellution Free Tablet

Cellution Free Tablet

Do you want to complete all your daily tasks with ease and comfort? But cannot do so for want of a tablet? Then I think you come to the right place, as I mentioned here the way to get an almost free Cellution tablet from the government. You can take the opportunity, too. Come with me and explore.

Steps to Get Cellution Free Tablet 

You can get a Cellution tablet for almost free from your preferred provider under government initiative. To get your desired tablet you have to go through some steps. Here I will briefly mention the steps for you.

  1. First select an ACP service provider that offers almost free Cellution tablets.
  2. Go to the provider’s website and apply for a free Cellution tablet from the provider’s website.
  3. Now wait for the approval of your application.
  4. After approval of the application, you will get an almost free Cellution tablet (You have to copay only $10.99 for the tablet).

Providers That Offer Cellution Free Tablets

Here is a list of some providers that may provide you with a Cellution free tablet under the Affordable Connectivity Program. It is not certain that they will provide you with a Cellution tablet, but surely they will provide tablets . They also contribute to the monthly internet bill of their clients . They provide a monthly discount of $30 for non-tribal residents ( $ 75 for tribal residents) and one time discount of up to $100 in obtaining a tablet. They also provide unlimited talk, text, and data to their customers. Here I mention their phone number and email address, so that you can contact them and know everything in detail.

Note: The Affordable Connectivity Program will stop accepting new applications and enrollments on February 7, 2024. So consumers must be approved and enrolled with a service provider by 11:59 p.m ET on February 7th to receive the ACP benefits. The existing ACP beneficiaries will continue to receive their ACP benefits for at least April 2024. This date is an estimate and may change.

Application Process To get a Free Cellution Tablet

You can apply for the free Cellution tablet online, via mail, or via a provider. Here I write in short how you can apply via a provider, online, or via mail for your desired almost free Cellution tablet.

  • Apply Via a Provider: You can apply for your almost free Cellution tablet through a provider’s website also. To apply via a provider, first choose a provider that is nearer to your location and also meets your needs. Then apply through their website.
    • First ,select an ACP service provider that is nearer to your location and that you prefer. Now go to their official website.
    • On the website navigate to the apply section and enter your Zip Code and Email address to start the application process.
    • Now follow the onscreen instructions and complete the application process.
  • Online: Go to the official website of USAC.. In this website you will find all information about how to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program online.
  • Via mail: If you plan to apply via mail, then contact your nearest FCC’s office in your state and collect the paper application form and household worksheet. Then fill up the application form and household worksheet carefully, and attach necessary documents’ photocopies (Don’t attach original copies) and send to: ACP Support Center, PO Box 9100, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773.

How To Check The Status of Your Application For A Free Cellution Tablet 

To check the application status of your application for the free Cellution tablet from your preferred provider, follow these steps:

  1.  First you need to go to the official website of your preferred provider.
  2. From the web page , click on ‘My Account’ which you find generally at the right top corner of the page.
  3. The check status page comes. Enter your Enrollment ID and Zip Code. Now, click on the ‘Check Now’ button.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to check the status of your free tablet application.

You may check the status of your application for a free Cellution tablet through the ACP website also. For this you can follow these steps:

  1. First go to the ACP official website.
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’ on the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Now , log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, then please create an account.
  4. After log in to your account, you will see the status of your free Cellution tablet application.

You can also check the status of your application for the Cellution tablet by calling the ACP Support Center at 1-877-384-2575. 

Requirements To Get Free Cellution Tablet From The Government

To get a free Cellution tablet from the government, you have to be eligible and also have to submit documents as proof of your eligibility. In the following section I write about eligibility and eligibility proof documents.

Eligibility For Getting A Free Cellution Tablet from the ACP Program 

If you want to apply for a government Cellution free tablet , you have to be eligible for the program. The eligibility is determined by two types of criteria. These are:

  • Income based criteria : If your or your household’s gross annual income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline, then you or your household will be considered as eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  • Program participation based criteria : If you or anyone in your household participates in one or more of these Federal Government Assistance programs, then you or the household is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The assistance programs are: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program (SNAP), Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income(SSI), Free and reduced-price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program, Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits, The special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

Required Documents for Cellution Free Tablet 

If you are eligible for a free Cellution tablet from the ACP Program, then you have to submit proof documents of eligibility. Here I write about these proof documents.

  • Income based Eligibility Proof Documents: (Any of the following documents) Prior year’s federal, state or Tribal tax return, paycheck stub from current employer, divorce decrees, Child support awards, Statement of benefits from unemployment/ Workers’ Compensation, Veterans Administration Statement of benefits, or any other document indicating income information.
  • Participation based Eligibility Proof Documents: (Any of the following documents) Statement of benefits, Benefit award letter, Approval letter, Benefit verification letter,
  • Tribal Land Resident: (Any of the following documents) Proof documents for Tribal land programs such as Tribal Head Start, Tribal TANF, The Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, and Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.
  • Identity Proof Documents: ( Any of the following documents) Valid government, military, state, or Tribal ID, Birth Certificate , U.S. Driver’s license , Passport , Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, Permanent Resident Card or Green Card.
  • Documents to prove your age: (Any of the following documents) A valid ID, Passport, Birth certificate, or Emancipation certificate.
  • Documents To Prove Your Address: (Any of the following documents) Driver’s license or another valid government, state, or Tribal ID, Utility bill, Mortgage or lease statement, Most recent W-2 or tax return.

You may also be required to provide documents to prove your Social Security Number and you also have to submit documents to prove that you are alive. 

You Can Activate Your Cellution Tablet Following These Steps

You can activate your Cellution free tablet in two different ways. You can activate it by activating a SIM card or you can activate it by using your Google Account.

Activation Of Your Cellution Tablet Using A SIM Card

You can easily activate your Cellution free tablet using the SIM card. Just insert the SIM card in the SIM slot properly and turn off your tablet , wait for a few seconds, then turn it on. You may see that the SIM activation process starts automatically.

In the following section, I will briefly mention the SIM activation process.

  •  Welcome Aboard: Power on your Cellution free tablet and choose your preferred language and region from the welcome screen.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi: Search for and select a Wi-Fi network to proceed.
  • Set Up Manually: Choose “Set Up Manually” and tap “SIM Card” to proceed.
  • Input SIM Card Details: Enter your SIM card information:
    • SIM Card Number
    • PIN
    • PUK
    • Carrier Name
    • APN (Access Point Name)
    • Any additional information required
  • Secure Your Tablet (Optional): Create a password for your Cellution tablet for added security.
  • Activate and Go!: Tap “Next” and wait for your Cellution free tablet to activate. Once complete, you’re ready to explore!

Activation Of Your Cellution Tablet By Google Account 

You can also activate your Cellution free tablet by using a Google account. The activation process is easy. Follow the steps below.

  • Unbox and Power Up:
    • First , unbox your free Cellution tablet.
    • Then press the power button to power on the tablet.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Search for available Wi-Fi networks. Choose your network and connect to it by entering the password.
  • Google Sign-In:
    • Sign in to your existing account or if you don’t have an account , please create one.
    • This will unlock access to a world of apps, services, and personalized settings.
  • Guided Setup: Follow the intuitive setup wizard. It will guide you through essential settings and preferences, making your Cellution tablet feel like your own.
  • Update and Enhance:
    • Let your Cellution tablet reach its full potential by downloading and installing necessary updates.
    • This ensures optimal performance and access to the latest features.
  • Download and Install Apps: Download and install apps that cater to your interests and needs, from games to productivity tools.
  • Enjoy Your Free Tablet: Congratulations! You’ve successfully activated and personalized your free Cellution tablet.

Features of Cellution Free Tablet

  • The Cellution tablet comes with an 8-inch color LCD display. 
  • The tablet has a built-in memory of 16 GB and a Ram of 1 GB. 
  • It supports Micro SD memory card and Dual SIM. SIM card size: Mini SIM to Regular. 
  • The Cellution tablet is operated by Android 8.1 Oreo version. 
  • It uses a chipset MT6580m.
  • It has a long lasting Li-ion battery of 4500mAh. 
  • Other features: GPRS: Yes, Wi-Fi: Yes, Bluetooth: Yes, Camera: Yes, USB: 2.0.

The Causes For The Rejection Of Your Application For A Free Cellution Tablet And Their Solutions

Here are some reasons why your application for a free Cellution tablet might be rejected, along with solutions to help you avoid rejection:

  • Incomplete Application: If your application for the Cellution free tablet is missing information or has errors, it will be rejected.
    • Solution: Carefully review your application before submitting it to ensure all required information is complete and accurate.
  • Missing Eligibility Proof: Failure to provide documents verifying your eligibility for the program will lead to rejection.
    • Solution: Gather all necessary documentation beforehand and submit them along with your application to get a Cellution tablet.
  • Limited Program Funding: The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) might run out of funds, resulting in application rejections.
    • Solution: Unfortunately, there’s no immediate fix for this. You’ll have to wait until funding becomes available again.
  • Fraudulent Activities: Engaging in any fraudulent activities to obtain ACP benefits will get your application rejected.
    • Solution: Always be honest and provide truthful information throughout the process.


How long does it take to get a Cellution free tablet after approval of your ACP application?

The exact time frame is uncertain. Generally it takes 7 to 10 business days to get the Cellution tablet after approval of the application. Actually it depends on the availability of tablets, the ship date, and from which state you receive the tablet, etc.

Can I upgrade my free Cellution tablet?

Yes, you can upgrade your free Cellution tablet to the latest version. But for this you have to pay an upgrade fee.

What happens if my Cellution tablet is lost or stolen?

If your Cellution tablet is lost or stolen, you immediately need to contact your provider, so that they can temporarily deactivate your account to stop any unauthorized use and transaction of money.

Is my Cellution tablet that I get from the ACP Program really free?

No. The Cellution tablet you get from the ACP is not really free of cost. You have to copay $10.99 for the tablet.

Can I transfer my ACP benefit to another household member?

No, you cannot transfer your ACP benefits to another household member, though he/she is eligible for the ACP.