How To Set Tello APN Settings

How To Set Tello APN Settings

Tello Mobile is a well-known virtual network operator that offers incredible services through T-Mobile network towers. The company also offers high quality phones among other services. If you just receives a Tello Mobile phone, this article is not for you. This is because a Tello phone comes with default settings. However, if you are bringing your phone to Tello from another carrier, you will have set your APN settings and get connected to this carrier’s network.   

Setting up a Tello APN settings is a very simple process. Nevertheless, several mobile phone users experience problems while configuring this settings because you must provide exact information. If you are having difficulties to configure your Tello APN settings, this blog post is for you. In this page, I’ll discuss the right procedure of configuring Tello APN settings both on your iPhone, android and window’s phone. Be our guest!  

Steps For Set Tello APN Settings For iPhone, Android & Windows Phone

When you successfully setup your Tello APN settings, you will be able to access a safe network connection with the company. Setting your right Tello APN settings will also help to boost your internet speed connection, allowing you to play online games, work, study online or stream HD videos with no interference.

1. Tello APN Settings on iPhone & Apple Device

To setup Tello APN settings on iPhone, open “settings “then tap on “mobile data “. Make sure that your mobile data is on then tap “mobile data network “. Select “access point name“ then enter the following information:

After entering this information, save the APN then go back to your device’s main screen to restart your device and apply the new APN settings. 

2. Tello APN Settings on an Android Phone

On your android device, open your device’s settings followed by “connections” then open “mobile networks”. Under mobile networks, tap “access point names”, tap the + icon then enter the following data.    

  • Name: internet/ MMS 2
  • APN: n.mi.ispsn
  • Proxy:
  • Port:
  • Username: [email protected] 
  • Password:
  • Server:
  • MMSC: 
  • Multimedia message proxy: 
  • Multimedia message port: 80
  • MCC:
  • MNC:
  • APN type: default,mms
  • APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: unspecified 

3. Tello APN Settings on windows phone

To set up tello APN settings on your windows phone, open “settings” app then tap on “network& wireless”. Select cellular & SIM, select properties then tap on internet APN. Next, select add an internet APN then enter the following settings: 

  • Profile name: Internet/MMS 2
  • APN: n.mi.ispsn
  • User name: [email protected]
  • Password:
  • Type of sign-in info:
  • IP type: IPv4

Follow The Instruction If Still Have Problem on Tello APN Settings

When you experience problems when setting up your Tello APN settings, there is a high chance that you have entered the wrong APN settings. When entering your APN settings, make sure you use small and capital letters exactly how they should. Besides, you can experience problems when setting up your Tello APN settings if you are in a place that can’t access Tello mobile network. As we mentioned, Tello uses T-Mobile network towers to operate. Therefore, Tello services are available in areas that are covered by T-Mobile network. Check whether you are within Tello network coverage areas, to avoid experiencing problems while setting your APN.

In addition, you will experience problems while setting Tello APN settings if your phone is not unlocked or compatible with Tello network. Therefore, make sure you first unlock your device and check Tello network compatibility before starting the setup process. 

You can also fix your Tello APN settings problems by calling the carrier’s customer service for assistance. To contact Tello customer care team dial 611 from your phone. You can also contact them through the number 1 – 866 – 377 – 0294. Alternatively, you can visit this page, enter your name, email, phone number, type your question or complain then hit the submit button.