U2C Activation Process – Full Guideline

U2C Activation Process

Are you looking for a carrier that offers affordable internet services? Look no further as U2C is the ultimate solution for you. Unlike other carriers, this one offers both fiber internet and rural internet to all customers who live in the United States. Therefore, you can enjoy a good internet while living in the rural areas. Though you are living in a rural area, still you will be able to work online, play online games, stream various online contents, surf the internet, learn online and so much more.

All you need to do is to make sure that your area is included in U2C’s coverage area and then contact them right away. This carrier’s team will install Wi-Fi modem in your home or office, thereby allowing all the wireless devices in your premises to get a good internet connection.

In this article, we shall discuss how you can activate your device on the U2C network, considerations to make before choosing plans, alongside any other related idea.

Ways to Activate Your Device On U2C Network

To activate U2C service, you first need to know if your area is covered by their network. To know that you may contact their customer care at: 1-844-679-0909, or contact by email at: “[email protected]”. 

Thereafter, choose whether you need fiber or rural internet services. Remember that the plans for these two services differ. Once you choose your preferred internet package, make the much-needed payment as well as the shipping and activation fees. As for the latter, you can expect to pay $60 and you will be good to go. Within a few days, you will be able to receive a modem and a SIM kit that needs to be activated.

For optimal results, ensure that you activate the service plans within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. Failure to activate these plans within the stipulated timelines can lead to suspension or termination of those plans or services that are not yet activated. To activate the plan, just switch on the modem and then follow the on-screen prompts that you might find there. Once you activate your modem, be certain that you will start to enjoy a good internet connection either in your home or office.

Process to Activate Your Tablet on U2C Network

Are you from a low income household whose total income is equal or less than 200% of the federal poverty guideline? You are fortunate because you can get a free tablet from this company. Once you get your free tablet, you should also activate it so that you can use it to connect with your friends and family. To activate your tablet, go to: “u2connectnow.com/active-your-sim“. Then fill up the form correctly and click on Activate Line to activate your U2C tablet SIM. You may contact their customer care at: 1-844-679-0909 to get support or guidance about activation.

Considerations to Make When Choosing Plan/Speed before U2C Activation 

There are several considerations that you should make when choosing your preferred U2C internet plan. These include:

  • How many devices do you want to connect to the internet? If you want to connect several devices to the internet, you might need an internet package that has a larger bandwidth so that all the devices can access the internet seamlessly.
  • Compare the various internet plans that this carrier offers and then choose the one that suits your budget. After all, different U2C internet plans cost different prices. For instance, the 12 MBPS fiber internet plan costs $54.99 per month while the 300 MBPS plan goes for $79 per month.
  • Check the features that come with your preferred plan. Some of the common features that you will find in most plans include speed tests, Wi-Fi channel optimization, band steering, Guest network and so much more. The more the features, the better the plan.
  • Consider your needs so that you can choose the one that offers the best internet speeds. For instance, if you are using the internet to send emails, chat on social media platforms and also to surf the internet, you might not need an internet package that has a high internet speed. However, if you are into online gaming or streaming HD videos, you need a package that has a high internet speed.
  • Are there contracts or hidden fees? You should be keen to check if your preferred plan ties you to a contract or not. Also, establish if there are any hidden fees or not.
  • Will I be subjected to a credit check? Some carriers usually subject an individual to a credit check before allowing him or her to subscribe to a certain plan. All these measures are meant to establish if the prospective customer will be able to pay his or her internet bills in a timely manner or not.

Difference Between U2C Business & Individual Activation 

U2C business activation involves activating this carrier’s services for your business while the individual activation refers to the process of activating this service provider’s service for personal use. For instance, if you are at home and would like to enjoy a superb internet connection, you can consider individual activation and be good to go.

Some Reasons for Which Your Device Is Not Activated On U2C Network

You might experience U2C activation problems due to the following reasons:

  • You did not follow the right activation procedure as outlined by this carrier.
  • Your modem has bugs.
  • There is a network outage within your locality.
  • There are some loose or coax connections.
  • The Ethernet cables are damaged.
  • You have connected too many devices to your modem.
  • The distance between the modem and the connected devices is beyond 10 meters.
  • Your modem’s firmware is yet to be updated.
  • There may be a SIM card issue that is responsible for the activation problems.

The following are the solutions to the above-mentioned problems:

  • Check whether your Ethernet cable is damaged or not. In case it is damaged, you might have to purchase another cable altogether
  • Establish if there is a network or service outage within your locality or not. In case there is a service outage, you might have to wait for a few hours before normalcy resumes.
  • If possible, try to reduce the number of devices that you have connected to the modem. Additionally, limit the number of data intensive activities that might be on progress on the connected devices. These include streaming HD videos, playing online mobile games, and so on.
  • Ensure that the modem and the connected devices are in close proximity with one another. In this case, you can try to ensure that the distance between them is less than 10 meters.
  • Establish if your modem’s firmware is updated or not. In case it is not yet updated, consider updating it so that your modem can start functioning optimally.
  • Restart your modem and establish if the problem will persist. In case the problem persists, consider hard resetting it.
  • Ensure that your modem has no loose connections. If there are loose connections, fasten them and you will be all set.
  • Ensure that your modem is getting enough power supply. This is because poor power supply might hinder the modem from getting activated successfully.
  • Check also the SIM card. Check if it is properly inserted or if it is damaged. Also check the SIM slot.
  • If all the above-mentioned ideas fail to bear fruits, contact this carrier’s customer service on phone by dialing 1-844-679-0909 or by emailing at : “[email protected]”. Once you reach the customer care agent on the other end, narrate your problem and you will get the much-needed help promptly.


How long does it take to activate an U2ConnectNow account?

If you follow the right procedure, you should be done within a few minutes. More importantly, ensure that you activate your U2ConnectNow account as soon as you receive your modem.

What if I don’t receive the verification email from U2C?

In case you do not receive your verification email from U2C, consider checking it on the junk or spam folder. If you do not find it here, consider contacting this carrier’s customer support team and let them know that you have not received the verification email yet.

Can I use U2C without activating my account?

No. You need to activate your account to enjoy U2C services.

What should I do if I forget my U2C password?

If you forget your U2C password, tap on the ‘lost your password’ button on your screen and then follow the on-screen prompts. You will be asked a number of questions in order to establish if you are the primary owner of your account or not. Suppose you are the actual owner of your account, ensure that you will be prompted to create a different password that you will be using to log into your U2C account.

How do I contact U2C customer support?

You can now contact this carrier’s customer support team by dialing 1-844-679-0909 or by emailing them at: “[email protected]”.