Guideline For enTouch Wireless Activation Process

Guideline For enTouch Wireless Activation Process

If you buy a phone or tablet and want to use it on enTouch Wireless, then you must activate it on their network. Because like other carriers enTouch wireless also offers their services after activation of the device. So, it is essential to activate your phone or tablet on their network. enTouch Wireless device activation process is simple and hassle free. You may buy a SIM card from enTouch and activate your phone or tablet on their network.

Remember These Things To Activate Your Device Under enTouch Wireless Network

  • Prerequisite For Activating SIM On enTouch Wireless: Remember these things before you activate your device on enTouch wireless: 
    • First ensure that your device is carrier unlocked. To activate your phone on enTouch Wireless, this is a primary requirement.
    • Secondly, make sure that your phone is compatible with enTouch Wireless. To check compatibility, you need the IMEI number of your phone. You may get the IMEI number by dialing: *#06#. If your device is compatible with enTouch, then you can activate it on their network.
  • You have to arrange the following things before activating your device on enTouch Wireless:
    • New or existing mobile device.
    • enTouch SIM card with a plan.
    • paper clip or SIM card removal tool.
    • Device’s IMEI and SIM card number.
    • Phone number. 
    • Your full name, account PIN, and other personal details.

Activation Process Of Your Mobile Device On enTouch Wireless

 The activation process of your mobile device on enTouch Wireless can vary depending on:

  1. Whether you received a new device with a pre-loaded plan, or
  2. You use your own device with a new SIM card. 
  • If You Purchase A New Device From enTouch Wireless With Pre-loaded Plan: If you purchase a new device from enTouch Wireless, it is compatible with their network and preloaded with a plan. You can activate it very easily. To activate, please follow these steps:
    • Power on the phone.
    • Make a phone call to: 866.488.8719. This will automatically activate your device and plan.
    • Now you can start using the activated device.
  • If You Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) To Activate On enTouch Wireless: If you do not purchase a device from enTouch Wireless, such as bringing your own device (BYOD) and want to use it on enTouch Wireless network, then you can follow these procedures to activate your SIM:
    • Place the SIM card gently in your device’s SIM slot. The SIM slot usually remains underneath the battery.
    • Now turn on the phone.
    • Now make a phone call to 866.488.8719 to activate the enTouch Wireless SIM card.
    • During the call, you’ll be asked for the ICCID number (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier).Usually it is located on the SIM card, or on its packaging. Provide the number.
    • You might be offered different plan options based on your eligibility and preferences. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.
    • Be prepared to provide basic account information like your name, contact details, proof of identity or Lifeline/ACP program documentation.
    • Once everything is confirmed, the representative will finalize the activation process. 
  • You Can Also Activate Your SIM In An enTouch Wireless Store: You can activate your enTouch Wireless SIM card in an enTouch Wireless Store also. Go to an enTouch store and request a representative to activate your SIM card. He/she will happily take you through the SIM activation process.

You Cannot Activate Your Device To enTouch Wireless For The Following Reasons

The following reasons are responsible for failure of activation of your device on enTouch Wireless.

  • If you don’t insert the SIM Properly: If you do not insert the SIM correctly , the SIM cannot work and causes activation issues. Ensure that you place the SIM properly on the SIM slot and the gold contact is facing down.
  • If your SIM is not compatible with the SIM slot: The size of the SIM must be accurate with the size of the SIM slot. So that the SIM can be properly fit on the SIM slot.
  • If your device is carrier locked: Your device must be carrier unlocked to be activated on enTouch Wireless.
  • If your BYOD device is not compatible with enTouch Wireless Network: If your device is not compatible with enTouch Wireless network, then you cannot activate it on that network.
  • If you try to activate your device without a data plan: It can be another reason that you don’t purchase a data plan from enTouch Wireless.

For any query, please contact enTouch Wireless customer support at: 866.488.8719 or visit their website at: ““.

enTouch Wireless activation is simple and hassle-free. Moreover, customer care service is always ready to help you smoothly go through the activation process. After activation, you can consume and enjoy all services of enTouch Wireless.