How To Get A Government iPhone

Can you imagine a communication less world or think we can do a day without communication? I’m sure your answer will be no. Every day we have to communicate with each other for personal needs, such as schooling, healthcare, job opportunity, entertainment, etc. But it is a bitter truth that a large number of our low-income do not have the ability and opportunity to use cellular phone or internet. In the period of pandemic government felt how important it is to use and afford cellular phone and internet. So, government takes some initiatives to make most of the low income people capable of affording a cell phone and internet. Government tries to bridge the digital divide by two individual programs, namely Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program.

Now, have you heard the news that you can get an awesome iPhone with the lifeline and affordable Connectivity program combo offer? Check your eligibility in this very moment. Check if you are eligible to apply for lifeline and ACP. All of us have an intense desire to get an iPhone for free and an iPhone has a lots of benefits for you. iPhones have sleek and intuitive user interface, and compatible with other apple devices, such as iPads, Macs, and Apple watches. iPhones give extreme priority in user privacy and security and this awesome feature makes it an excellent choice for everyone. The app store is the home for millions of apps, that enhance your productivity and creativity. Other benefits from an apple iPhone are excellent camera quality, best customer support, available third party accessories and a nice and helpful virtual assistance, Siri.

Lifeline Program

The Lifeline Program is a US government program that provides a discount on phone and internet services to eligible low-income households. The lifeline program is managed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the goal of the program is to make sure that all the citizens of our country regardless income level have access to essential communication services. To be eligible, individuals must meet certain income requirements or participate in certain federal assistance programs such as Medicaid or SNAP.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a program that was launched by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide affordable internet to the door of every low income citizen of our country who are unable to afford basic internet services. The program provides a $30(For non-Tribal residents) and $75(For Tribal residents) monthly discount for eligible households on their internet bills, and up to $100 onetime discount in purchase of a device such as a laptop or tablet. This program is mainly a replacement of EBB(Emergency Broadband Benefits)program that was established to manage internet service at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ACP aims to help bridge the digital divide and ensure that all citizens of our country have access to reliable and affordable internet service.

Note: The Affordable Connectivity Program will stop accepting new applications and enrollments on February 7, 2024. So consumers must be approved and enrolled with a service provider by 11:59 p.m ET on February 7th to receive the ACP benefits. The existing ACP beneficiaries will continue to receive their ACP benefits for at least April 2024. This date is an estimate and may change.

Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program Combo Offer

If you are eligible for lifeline and ACP both, then you can apply for the both program, and if approved you get all the benefits of lifeline and ACP programs individually. With the lifeline program , you get a free phone with unlimited talk, text and data or support to pay monthly internet bill. With the ACP, you get a subsidy of $30(If you live in non tribal lands) and $75(If you live in tribal lands). You will be happy and excited to know that with the lifeline and ACP combo program you get an awesome iPhone with other benefits also.

Here in details the Combo plan is mentioned: You can get a free iPhone7 or iPhone 6 plus with this offer.


  • 15 GB’s of High Speed 4G LTE/5G Data.
  • Unlimited Talk.
  • Unlimited Text and Picture messaging.


  • Caller ID, Call waiting, 3-way calling, And Voicemail.
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Free Shipping.

Unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela is available for $5 per month for eligible enrollments.

Application Procedure

Lifeline and ACP Combo offer is given by some well known providers, say, Airtalk wireless , Cintex wireless and New Phone wireless, etc. When you apply for a combo plan you should do it through the provider. As a applicant for the combo program, you should apply according to the rules of provider and wait for approval. If approved , you will get the benefits of the combo offer.

Some Reasons for Rejection of Application for Government iPhone in the Combo Offer

To be enrolled in Lifeline and ACP Combo program, you have to apply through a provider for the program. But for many reasons your application may have been rejected. The causes for rejection of your application described below:

  • Ineligibility: If you do not meet the program’s eligibility criteria, your application may have been rejected. You have to be enrolled in both acp and lifeline programs. If you do not enroll in both program, but apply for combo then your application may have been rejected.
  • Limited availability: You may not get an iPhone and your application may have been rejected if all the Government iPhones were distributed to other applicants.
  • Incomplete application: Your application may have been rejected if it was incomplete or you do not provide all required information.
  • Lack of resources: The government resources are limited. If the program do not have sufficient resources in hand, then they may not provide you with an iphone. Instead they choose any other alternatives or may reject your application.
  • Incorrect contact information: If you provide incorrect contact information or outdated information then the authority cannot contact with you and afterwards your application may have been rejected.
  • Dead Line Of the Application: Like any other programs, lifeline and ACP Combo program also has a deadline of application. If you fail to apply or reach the application to the hand of the authority within this deadline, your application may have been rejected.
  • Fraudulent application: If your application contained false information or was fraudulent, it could have been rejected.
  • Lack of response to requests for information: If the program administrator requested additional information or documentation and you failed to provide it in a timely manner, your application may be rejected.

Step By Step Process To Set Up the iPhone and Activate it

After getting the iPhone from government, you have to setup and activate it to use it. The setup and activation procedure is described below:

  • At first insert your SIM card in the SIM slot.
  • Tap the start button and hold it until the apple’s logo will appear in the screen.
  • Now, you have to set up your language from the welcome screen. Select English or any other language you wish. As we proceed in English , here we choose English as preferred language.
  • Now, choose your country or region. Here we select US.
  • Here comes two options. a. Quick start. b. Set up manually. If you like to activate your iPhone with the help of another iPhone then choose Quick Start. And if you like to activate the phone individually, then select the option Set Up Manually. Here we choose the option set up manually.
  • Now, comes the option to set up keyboard layout. Choose the keyboard layout and press next.
  • Then comes the option to choose a WIFI network. If you need to connect with a WIFI network then choose it. Enter user name and password to connect to WIFI. If you have a cellular network then you may also be connected with this network.
  • Now, data and privacy screen comes. Tap continue.
  • Now you have the option to set up Touch ID. set up it and continue.
  • Create a passcode’ option comes. You can create a 6 digit pass code or 4 digit pass code, create one and tap continue.
  • Now comes the option “Apps and Data”. Here you may restore data from your i cloud or set up newly. Choose to set up newly.
  • Now comes the option “Sign in to apple id”. If you have an apple id then you may sign in using it or choose the option. “Don’t have an Apple Id”.
  • Then “create a free Apple Id” option comes. Choose it. To create a new Apple Id, you have to provide some information. Say, your Date of Birth, Your first and last name etc. Provide Genuine information. It will save you from many hassles in future.
  • Give your date of birth, when prompted. Click next.
  • Now enter your first name , last name. Click next.
  • Now comes the option to insert your email address. You may use your current email address or create a free iCloud email. We choose to create an iCloud email. So we select it and tap “create email”.
  • Now set password for the email. Provide a strong password in combination with letters , numbers, symbols, etc.
  • Here you are prompt to set security questions with answers. Try to note down the questions with answers in a note book also. Because, in future you can recover your account information, pass word, etc , with the help of these security questions and answers.
  • Now comes the option terms and conditions. Read all the terms and conditions carefully and if you agree, then please press “I agree”. It takes a few minutes to create your apple Id.
  • Now the option for “Express Settings” comes. Tap continue.
  • Then comes the option ‘Keep your iPhone up to date’. Click Continue. Set up “Siri” and click continue. Then the following terms comes accordingly, “Screen Time”, “iCloud Analytics”, “App Analytics”, etc. Tap “continue” for all these options.
  • At last comes Display Zoom option. Tap Next. and You are Done.

Top Providers of Free Government iPhones

1. Airtalk Wireless

Airtalk Wireless is offering a Government iPhone as part of their Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline Program combo offer. This offer provides affordable phone and internet services to eligible low-income households. To qualify, customers must meet certain income requirements and provide documentation. The free iPhone offer is available for a limited time only, so interested customers should act quickly to take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless is a mobile service provider that offers affordable wireless services to eligible low-income individuals and families through the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program. As part of the Lifeline Program and Affordable Connectivity Program combo offer, eligible customers can get a Government iPhone from Cintex Wireless. The free iPhone offer from Cintex Wireless is designed to help eligible customers stay connected and access important information and services, such as job opportunities, healthcare, and education.

3. New Phone Wireless

New Phone Wireless is a company that offers affordable connectivity and cell phone plans to its valued customers. They also provide lifeline and affordable Connectivity program benefits to its customers. As part of their Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline program combo offer, New Phone Wireless is currently offering a Government free iPhone to qualified customers who enroll in both programs. This is a great opportunity for those who need reliable and affordable phone service, and also want to upgrade to a new smartphone. Interested customers can visit the New Phone Wireless website or contact customer service to learn more about the offer and how to enroll in the programs.

Benefits after Getting iPhone from Government

An iPhone is a desired phone to everyone. This phone has some benefits other than an android phone. The benefits are as follows:

  • User-friendly interface: The iPhone has an easy-to-use straightforward interface that makes it easy for anyone to navigate.
  • High-quality hardware: Apple is well known for its high quality hardware, and the iPhone is no exception. Its sleek design, powerful processor, and high-resolution display make it a great choice for everyone.
  • App store: You can get millions of apps in the app store. You can choose any apps from there to enhance your productivity, entertainment and creativity.
  • Security: Apple takes security measures seriously, and the iPhone is one of the most secure smartphones on the market. The phone has many security features that help you protect your personal data and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Integration with other Apple products: If you already own other Apple products, such as a Mac or an iPad, the iPhone integrates seamlessly with them. So, you can easily transfer your files and data from your iphone to another Apple device, access your icloud account securely, and use your device with all the other apple devices you have.
  • Customer support: Apple is well known for its customer support, and as a iPhone user, you can take advantage of it. If you have any issues with your iPhone, you can surely contact Apple’s customer support team for assistance.
  • Camera: The iPhone is renowned for its high-quality camera. Many iPhone devices have advanced camera features like portrait mode, night mode, and in some cases professional-grade lenses. These camera features make it an awesome choice for those who like to take pictures or record videos on-the-go.
  • Accessibility features: Apple is always one step ahead in its accessibility options, and the iPhone is no exception. The phone comes with a range of accessibility features, such as voice control, text-to-speech, and screen readers, etc. These features make it a great choice for users with disabilities.
  • iCloud: You can use Apple’s icloud storage serviceto store your photos, documents, and other files. You can access your files from anywhere and from any device. This makes it easy to keep your data organized and synced across all your devices.
  • Personalization: The iPhone allows you to customize your phone with your favorite apps, widgets, and wallpapers. This personalization feature makes it easy to create a phone that suits your unique style and preferences.
  • Apple Pay: Apple Pay is a convenient and secure way to make payments using your iPhone. With Apple Pay, you can make contactless payments in stores, in apps, and on the web.This makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to simplify his/her payment process.
  • Siri: Siri is Apple’s voice assistant. Siri can help you with a range of tasks, from sending texts and making calls to setting reminders and playing music. Siri is a built-in feature in every iPhone, and makes it easy for anyone to get the help he/she needs when he/she needs it.
  • Longevity: iPhones are known for their longevity. Many users report that they are using the same device for several years without any issue or hassle. Apple’s frequent software updates ensure that older iPhones remain functional and up-to-date, allowing users to get the most out of their devices for longer.
  • Battery life: iPhones come with efficient battery management systems, which means they can last for an entire day with normal usage. Many newer models also support fast charging, which allows you to quickly charge your phone when you’re on the go.
  • Family sharing: Family sharing is a feature that allows you to share your purchases, subscriptions, and even location with other members of your family. This is particularly useful for families with multiple iPhones, as it allows everyone to access the same content without having to pay for it separately.
  • Privacy: Apple is committed to user privacy, and the iPhone is built with a range of features that protect your personal information. From encrypted messaging to facial recognition, the iPhone is designed to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Health and fitness tracking: iPhones come with a range of health and fitness tracking features, including a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker. These apps count the footsteps, monitor your heart rate and also monitor your sleep quality ang give reports. This makes it easy to keep track of your health and fitness goals and monitor your progress over time.
  • iMessage: iMessage is Apple’s messaging service that allows you to send text messages, photos, and videos to other iPhone users for free. iMessage also supports a range of features, such as read receipts and typing indicators, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to stay connected with their friends and family.
  • FaceTime: FaceTime is Apple’s video chat service that allows you to make high-quality video calls to other iPhone, iPad, or Mac users. With FaceTime, you can stay connected with friends and family members no matter where you are in the world.
  • Apple Music: Apple Music is a music streaming service that allows you to access millions of songs, playlists, and albums from your iPhone. With Apple Music, you can also listen to exclusive content and radio stations, making it a great choice for music lovers.
  • Siri Shortcuts: Siri Shortcuts is a feature that allows you to create custom voice commands that can trigger a series of actions on your iPhone. For example, you can create a shortcut that turns on your lights, sets your thermostat, and plays your favorite playlist all at once.
  • Air Drop: Air Drop is a feature that allows you to easily share files between iPhones, iPads, and Macs. With Air Drop, you can quickly send photos, videos, and other files to your friends and family members, without having to rely on email or messaging.
  • Apple Watch integration: If you own an Apple Watch, you can enjoy seamless integration with your iPhone. You can receive notifications, track your fitness goals, and even make phone calls and send texts directly from your watch.

Alternative Ways to Get an iPhone

 If you are unable to get a free iPhone from government, then you can try for many other options to get one. Here is given some options other than government option to get an iPhone.

  • Look for contests or giveaways: Look for any contest or giveaways hosted by any company, blogs, or social media. If any offer is announced, use the opportunity to get an iPhone.
  • Check out trade-in programs: Many times the mother company Apple and some other companies offer trade in programs. You can participate in these programs and exchange your old phone for a discounted new iPhone.
  • Join referral programs: You may join referral programs and win rewards, these rewards can be redeemed to get an iPhone.
  • Consider purchasing a refurbished iPhone: You may purchase a refurbished iPhone. Be careful to purchase from a reputable seller or a trusted reseller.
  • Look for deals on online marketplaces: Always keep an eye in the internet. Sometimes online market places, like eBay or Amazon, offer discounts or promotions on iPhones.
  • Participate in surveys: Many companies arranges surveys on many product related topics. They offer money or gifts to successful participators. So you can take part in those surveys and earn money to buy iPhone, or get one as gift.
  • Consider joining a product testing program: When apple releases new products they arrange product testing programs so that they may get a clear view on that new product’s performance, user experience etc. You may participate in these product testing programs and get an iPhone as a gift from the company.
  • Look for free iPhone offers from carriers: Sometimes mobile phone carriers offer new iPhone as an incentive to them who switch to their service from another provider. You may take this opportunity to get an iPhone.
  • Check with your employer: Many employer offer free or discounted iPhones to his/her employees. If you are in such a company , check your opportunity to get an iPhone.
  • Consider signing up for credit card rewards programs: Sign up for credit card reward programs that offer cashback or points. Collect all cash backs to purchase an iPhone or save the points to redeem for an iPhone.


How long does it take to receive a free government iPhone?

There is no certain time limit. You have to wait from several days to several weeks. Actually the time for getting a government iPhone depends on the availability of the device, ship date, from which state you receive it, etc.

Can I upgrade to a newer model government iPhone?

Sure. You can. You can upgrade to a newer model of government iPhone. But for that you have to pay an upgradation fee.

What happens if the government iPhone is lost or stolen while in my possession?

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, immediately contact the authority and report the incident. They will immediately deactivate the SIM and the program administrator takes necessary steps according to their rules.

Can I transfer ownership of a government iPhone to someone else?

No, you can not. You can not transfer the ownership to someone else even he/she is eligible for lifeline or affordable connectivity program.

How many free government iPhones can I get per household?

You can get only one government iPhone per household.

Can I keep my current phone number when I get a free government iPhone?

Yes , you can keep your current phone number when get a free government iPhone. You can get this facility through the Phone number port service.