How To Reactivate SafeLink Phone

How To Reactivate SafeLink Phone

John is a Lifeline beneficial and uses a SafeLink Wireless free phone. He obtained it after a lot of effort and waiting. In the previous month, he does not need to make phone calls or receive any calls. Actually, he totally forgot to use his phone. This month his SafeLink phone is deactivated. He is very upset about what happened. But from SafeLink customer care, he learns that he can reactivate SafeLink phone it in a very simple and hassle-free way. This makes him happy again. This can happen to you also.

Now, consider this situation. Your SafeLink Wireless phone is somehow lost or stolen. And you like to deactivate it for security reasons. When you find it again, then you are happy to reactivate it.

SafeLink Wireless, with their Customer care service representatives, is happy to serve you to reactivate your deactivated SafeLink phone. The following article covers everything about the reactivation of your SafeLink phone. Just read and proceed.

Follow The Steps To Reactivate Your SafeLink Wireless Phone

Follow these steps to Reactivate your SafeLink Wireless deactivated Phone.

  • Step: 1: At first contact a SafeLink Wireless customer care service representative at 800-977-3768.
  • Step: 2: Give him your name, enrollment ID, Social Security Number, and date of birth.
  • Step: 3: Tell him that your SafeLink Wireless account is deactivated due to not using it for a whole month and now you want to reactivate it. There are two conditions here. If your account was inactive for less than 60 days, then the representative will reactivate your account keeping your phone number the same. But if the account was inactive for more than 60 days, then you will receive a new phone number.
  • Step: 4: When the customer care representative tells you to turn your phone on, then turn it on. This will ensure receiving your monthly allotment of free minutes.

It is easy like 1-2-3 to reactivate your deactivated phone in SafeLink Wireless. But be cautious. Do not make a delay in reactivating your phone. To keep your phone number intact, it is a must for you to reactivate the phone within 60 days of deactivation. Always keep it in mind and take steps accordingly.